Who we are


Claudio.. a life of academic studies and work, with many projects and dreams to be realized..

In the last years the same common passions led us in creating a sound business plan.

We are united in one goal: to be traditionalists in the flavor and innovative in shape and style, above all for what concerns the “world of sweets,” created with love and dedication by my dear wife Anna, great support in my life and work.

Several training courses have encouraged  me to do more, to meet new persons , to follow new “Masters” from which I have learnt a lot and who gave me a certified sourdough (a certified yeast strain) dated 1996.


Since Roman times dining was a feast, an occasion to meet friends and spend some  pleasant  moments for  the taste and for the  senses.

Our aim is to combine the elegance of our family, where men and women are equal, with the simplicity  typical of Pompeian red and also with the traditional character of the Bavarian style.


That’s our business card.