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…from our fried  pizzas to the most traditional ones (all  prepared with certified sourdough dated 1996).. from our cakes made with love by my wife Anna to our selection of home brew and local wines.

On Fridays whole wheat pizza with biologic wheat!


Nord e Sud

Stracciatella buffalo cheese  (typical farm product) p.a.t?, mortadella Bologna PGI, walnuts kernels, evo oil. (allergens: gluten, milk, peanuts, shell fruit )

Giulio Cesare

Amatriciana sauce, pecorino shavings PDO, pepper, EVO oil (allergens: gluten, peanuts, milk)


Ecaroles, paté of Gaeta  black olives PGI, salted anchovy sauce and fillet from Cetara , EVO oil (allergens: gluten, fish, peanuts)

Dea Demetra

Courgette cream, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes from Vesuvio, EVO oil (allergens: gluten, shell fruit, peanuts)

Monti Lattari

San Marzano and Sicilian cooked tomatoes, “fiordilatte”mozzarella cheese from Agerola, grated Parmesan  cheese , pepper, basil, evo oil (allergens: gluten, milk, peanuts)


Ricotta cheese, provola cheese from Agerola, salami, pork crackling, Parmesan cheese PDO (allergens: peanuts, gluten, milk)




Tomatoes from Sorrento, Agerola’s fiordilatte, basil, organic oregano, evo oil (allergens: milk) 

Artemide (at least 2 persons)

San Daniele raw ham, smoked cooked ham, Martina Franca capocollo (?) Slow Food device, soppressata, pancetta , bresaola, buffalo mozzarella, pickled vegetables, green olives PDO, grilled artichokes,  aubergines in oil (allergens: milk, gluten) 

Fantasie dell’orto

Grilled aubergine and courgettes, baked peppers, broccoli, potatoes with parsley

Fritto goloso

Rice croquette, aubergine meatball”, mozzarella in carrozza”(fried mozzarella cheese sandwich), mixed batter

vegetables (allergens: , eggs, gluten)


San Daniele ham , melon

Misto di formaggi con confetture e miele

Podolic caciocavallo cheese pat, Monk’s Provolone PDO, goat cacioricotta cheese from Cilento “Slow Food device”, seasoned salted ricotta (allergens: milk)


Eggplant parmesan (tomato filet, fried eggpalnts, fiordilatte, basil,Parmigiano Reggiano PDO) (allergens: milk, peanuts, eggs)

Patate fritte concave**

Accompanied with barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup (allergens: mustard, eggs, peanuts)

Prato verde

Lettuce with citronette sause


Rocket, tomatoes, salt, evo oil

Incanto di aromi

Lettuce, radicchio, rocket, fennels, carrots, radiches, pine nuts, orange, grapefruit, Himalayan pink salt served with citronette sauce or balsamic vinegar  frosting ( at the choice) (allergens: shell fruit)

Caponata napoletana

Agerola’s” friselle “(typical bread baked twice ), fresh tomatoes, agerola’s fiordilatte, garlic, evo oil, oregano,basil, salted anchovies  from Cetara, green olives (allergens: gluten, milk, fish)


Cetara tuna , tomatoes, corn, Tropea onions, Gaeta’s black olives , rocket, almonds fillets, salt, evo oil (allergens: shell fruit, fish)


**frozen product


Ama Bionda Golden Belgian Ale

Golden bright  colour with compact froth. Fruity and floral notes with orange blossom honey scent. Refreshing and balanced.

Combination: perfect as aperitif or with cheese and salads

Alcohol content 6,0% – cl.33/75 (allergens: gluten)

Bianca lancia Blanche

Beer of the year in 2016. Straw-yellow lager beer with malted barley and wheat. Fresh taste similar to prosecco taste, fruity and little bitter, creamy, compact froth.

Combination: pizza , cured meats starters or cheese starters.

Alcohol content 5.0% – cl.33/75 (allergens: gluten)

Lisa Lager

Italian lager beer. Produced with Senatore Cappelli’s durum wheat. Golden bright colour with froth.

Combination: Lisa and Margherita , cheese, fresh dishes.

Alcohol content 5% – cl.33 (allergens: gluten)

St Stefanus Abbaziale bionda (Belga)

Trappist beer, each bottle repose in a cellar for 3 months at least, acquiring its taste over time. Its maturing continues for 2 years. It’s an unpasteurized and high fermentation beer with re-fermentation in bottle.

Combination: thanks to the process of re-fermentation this beer is perfect with cheese and cured meats.

Alcohol content 6.8% – cl.33 (allergens: gluten)

Tre Fontane (Italian trappist beer)

Intense gold colour ,strong slightly fruity flavour. Its sweetness is balanced with a bitter and dry taste thanks to the eucalyptus.

Combination: with fried products and, in particular, with fried pizza.

Alcohol content 8.5% – cl.33 (allergens: gluten)

Volpina Red Ale

Auburn malting barley beer with ruby reflexes, soft froth.

Combination: : perfect as aperitif or in every moment of the day, cold cuts, cheese and delicate pizza flavors.

Alcohol content 6.5% – cl.33/50 (allergens: gluten) 


Coca Cola Life cl.33

(allergens: shell fruit)

Cola Baladin cl.25

Natural cola with cola nuts . Slow Food product

(allergens: shell fruit)

Aranciata Lurisia

Non-alcoholic sparkling drink of igp (protected geographical indications) oranges from Gargano

Gazzosa Lurisia igp cl.27.5

Non-alcoholic sparkling drink with “Sfusato” lemon from Amalfi Coast

Pepsi cl.27,5

(allergens: shell fruit)

Thè freddo cl.33

San Benedetto organic peach or lemon