Discovery & Soul


The brand name “Criscito’s” results from a great attention for the raw materials, in order to exploit the “simply natural” . We chose products coming from our own  family garden or by short supply chain, looking for the BIOLOGIC and niche products such as the ones of the Slow Food association.

We chose local wines and home brew following our passion for our land and products.

Last but not least is the care for the dough: we use ORGANIC wheat and double-milled Sicilian durum semolina, avoiding fine-ground flour. It gives life to a renowned Neapolitan pizza and , in particular,“pizza fritta” (fried pizza).


The name “Criscito’s” comes from the sourdough we use for the dough: its name in Italian is “criscito”, a term  that refers  to the dough made of water and flour.

The logo was conceived and designed by us: it represents a Pizza world which continents are pizza slices . On the pizza world top there’s Pulcinella ,one of the most famous characters of Commedia dell’Arte theatrical representation. This character represents gullibility: he decides to emigrate to improve his skills. He wears spaceman clothes to demonstrate that with diligence, zeal and enthusiasm everyone is able to do it.

The concept of “Hands and pyramid” is associated with the Egyptian alimentation. Alimentation that has developed century by century thanks to man hands.